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State of Alaska Food Service Excellence (SAFE) Processing, Retail - the Food Service Excellence Program recognizes food establishments that maintain exceptional food safety standards and procedures
Risk Factor Resources Processing, Retail - Food safety risk factors from the Food Establishment Inspection form
Preventing Contamination by Hands Processing, Retail - Protecting the consumer by not handling food that is ready to eat with bare hands
Person In Charge Processing, Retail - A designated Person In Charge must be in the food establishment during all hours of operation
Foodborne Illness Response Guidelines For Owners Processing, Retail - Foodborne illness outbreak procedure and management
Molluscan Shellfish at Retail Retail - Molluscan Shellfish must be sourced from clean water under sanitary conditions
Food Safety Management System Processing, Retail - A system developed and implemented by food establishment operators to ensure food handling practices reduce the risk of foodborne illness
Labeling Packaged Food Processing, Retail - Determine if packaged food requires labeling - How to properly label
Food Safety Crisis Management and Planning Retail - Crisis management and readiness
Food Banks and Donation Guidance Processing, Retail - Food banks and donations guidance and regulations
Cooking Temperatures Processing, Retail - Serve safe food by cooking to the correct temperature
Consumers Retail - Lots of links for consumers regarding food safety and risks
Consumer Advisory Retail - Inform customers about the risk of consuming raw or undercooked animal foods
Bake Sale Guidelines Retail - Guidelines to Bake It, Make It, and Sell It Safe

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