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Food Services/Retail

photo of an indoor eating establishment

Do you own or operate a restaurant, market, food truck, temporary event, or cannabis dispensary?

Below are resources for you. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact an Environmental Health Officer in your area.

Title and Link to Page Description
Cottage Food Retail - Alaska Food Code allows the sale of non-potentially hazardous foods sold directly to the consumer without a permit as long as certain conditions are met.
Food Services and Markets Retail - Restaurants, grocery stores, caterers
Temporary Camps Retail - Temporary Camps define food service at a camp serving less than 24 individuals each day
Mobile Food Units Retail - Resources for those who operate mobile units such as food trucks or hot dog carts
Traditional Foods Retail - The donation of traditional wild game meat, seafood, plants, and other food to a food service of certain institutions or nonprofit programs
Meat and Seafood Markets Retail - Guidance and regulations related to retail meat and seafood markets
Farmers Markets Retail - Requirements for selling food at a farmers market
School Food Service Retail - Resources for creating HACCP Plans, Standard Operating Procedures, and links to other agencies relevant to Food Service in schools
Temporary Food Service Retail - Guidance for those planning to serve food at a fair, carnival, festival, bazaar, public exhibition, promotional event, potluck, political event, etc.

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