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Temporary Camps

Operating a food service at a camp serving less than 24 individuals each day? Below are resources to assist you.

Temporary camps must meet the following definitions:

  • Remote establishment providing shelter and support for persons engaged in commercial recreation (guided hunting, rafting, wilderness fishing, etc.) or industrial activities (mining, exploration, labor, construction, etc.).
  • Remote camp that is occupied on a temporary basis and is not a place of "residence".
  • Remote seasonal camp with a structure (such as a hunting/trapping cabin or storage shed) that is used for temporary storage, food preparation, or emergency shelter that operates for a season of each year in the same location.
  • Note: Not covered under this application are lodges (commercial enterprise with the intent of selling bed space or meals), child/adult day camps, floating camps, or barges.

Remote is defined as an area with no year-round access to a major road system (a system of connected roads with a total length of 100 miles or more) and at least 25 road miles to the nearest community or paved highway.

For more information, contact the Temporary Camp Coordinator.