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Overnight Accommodations

Hotel Key

The Food Safety and Sanitation Program provides regulatory oversight of the food served and pools/spas at public accommodations.

These facilities need to meet DEC requirements for drinking water and wastewater. If you are planning to serve food or have a pool or spa, contact your local Environmental Health Officer.

Please contact the Better Business Bureau if you have concerns regarding overnight accommodations, and/or the Municipality of Anchorage if your accommodation is/will be located within the Municipality of Anchorage. 



Alaska Smoking Law
Smoking and vaping are not allowed in enclosed public places.
Food Service
Resources for businesses that serve food
Pools and Spas
Guidance and best practices for safely complying with state, local, national, and industry guidelines

Bed & Breakfasts

Cottage Food Exemption Information
Alaska Food Code allows the sale of non-potentially hazardous food sold directly to the consumer without a permit as long as certain conditions are met.
Guide to Alaska Requirements for B&Bs
2013 document from the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community and Exconmic Development detailing requirements for Bed & Breakfasts
Hot Tubs in B&Bs
The DEC regulates hot tubs to ensure safe design and operation
Opening a New Food Establishment
Resources to get started with opening a new food establishment
Pool and Spa Requirements
Alaska Regulation 18 AAC 30

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