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What to have ready for Direct Market Vessel Inspections

In order to make your ADEC inspection as efficient as possible, we recommend having the items in the list below ready for the Environmental Health Officer to review.


  • Hazard Analysis
  • HACCP Plans for each product
  • Standard Sanitation Monitoring Plan (SSOP)
  • HACCP Monitoring Records
  • Daily Sanitation Monitoring Checklists
  • Product Label (may submit for department review)
  • Waste Dumping Logs

Facility Requirements

  • Food grade hoses for all water that comes in contact with product.
  • Sanitizers that are acceptable for food contact surfaces.
  • Smooth, and easily cleanable food contact surfaces.
  • Test strips for sanitizers that are used.
  • Test strips for testing Free Chlorine in processing water.
  • Hot water for handwash sink, soap. and paper towels.
  • Covered Processing Area.
  • Approved Marine Head.
  • Water lines are labeled or color coded for easy identification.

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