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Seafood Processing Permit Application Instructions

We are going paperless! You no longer need to submit original documents with your application.

Download a copy of these instructions (PDF).

Submit completed applications, plans, drawings, and fees via:

  • Online Portal: Apply and pay online (requires a unique business code provided to you by our staff)
  • Email:, or
  • Fax: 907-269-7510
  • Mail: Send payment (by check), application, and required documents to
    • DEC-FSS, Seafood Permits
    • 555 Cordova Street, 5th Floor
    • Anchorage, AK 99501
  • Pay Over the Phone: 907-269-4552 or 907-269-7501

Note: Credit card payments cannot be processed until the application has been received.

Seafood Permitting Contacts

  • Joy McLaurin, Seafood Permitting Coordinator: 907-269-7628
  • Linda Creed, Seafood Permitting Technician: 907-269-4552
  • Email:

Forms are available online at

It may take up to 60 days to process an ADEC permit application.


  • Applications will not be processed until payment is received.
  • All applicants are required to complete all portions of the application with accurate and correct information. Indicate ‘N/A’ for those sections or fields that don’t apply to you.
  • Applications printed on malfunctioning printers where the text is unreadable or obscured will not be accepted.
  • Incomplete applications could extend the 60-day processing timeline.
  • Approved permits will only be sent via email. Be sure to include a valid e-mail address on your application. If you do not have an email address or access to email, you must contact us to request a paper copy.

What Forms Do I Fill Out

New Applicants

  • Application for Seafood Processing Permit (two pages)
  • Seafood Processors Business Form A (one page)
  • Seafood Plan Review checklist (two pages + required documentation)

Renewal Applicants

  • Application for Seafood Processing and Ice Manufacturing Permits (two pages)
    • Ice Manufacturers - Only fill out Sections 1 and 3.
    • Seafood Processing Plan Review Checklist - for extensive changes to the facility/vessel, products, or process.
    • Seafood Processors Business Form A - for business information changes or change of owner/operator.

New Owners (100% Change of Ownership)

Seafood processing permits and files are not transferable. If there has been a 100% change of ownership, the new owner is required to fill out the forms listed under the New Applicants section and submit any required documentation.

How to Fill Out

This section includes instructions on filling out the following forms:

  • Application for Seafood Processing and Ice Manufacturing Permits
  • Seafood Plan Review Checklist

Application for Seafood Processing and Ice Manufacturing Permits

Owner/Business Information

Owner/Business Information

  • Business Name: Include the business or corporation name, or individual that is legally responsible for the vessel or shore-based facility.
  • DEC Issued AK Permit #: Required for renewals only. This is the number that we issue you on your permit. It is not the ADF&G or Fisheries Business License number.
  • E-mail*: List the email address for the main contact for the business.
    • *We will send your permit to the Business Email that you specify in this section. If you would like your permit to be sent to a different location, notify us by e-mail at
  • Business Importer: Check yes if you import any goods into the US to use in your permitted process.
  • Type of Entity: Indicated on your Business License from the Alaska Department of Commerce.

Land-Based Facility Information

Land-Based Facility Information

  • Facility Name: List the name of the facility you will be processing out of. If you are leasing from an ADEC approved facility, list the processor's name and ‘at’ the ADEC permitted facility name. Include a signed Seafood Processing Facility Agreement form found on our website at
  • Physical Location: This is the physical location of the facility (street address or location description, such as, “Mile 1, Naknek Road”). Do not list PO Box numbers in this field.

Vessel Information

Vessel Information

  • Vessel Name: Indicate the registered name of the vessel where processing will occur. If you are leasing the vessel, include a signed Seafood Processing Facility Agreement form found on our website at
  • Vessel Mailing Address: List the address where the vessel manager receives mail during the harvest season.
  • Alaska Port(s)/Mooring Locations: Provide the closest dock address or the physical location of the vessel. If there is no street address, you may provide a location description such as, “Ketchikan Boat Harbor. Include the city, state, and zip for the port if possible.

Product and Packaging Details

Food grade products only - do not use this section for bait or personal use products.

Product and Process

  • Fisheries Resource*: Check each seafood species you will process this season.
  • Processes*: Check each process you intend to perform this season.
    • Roe Definitions:
      • Green Roe (Unprocessed) - The process of compiling roe into blocks and freezing before going to the secondary processor. This is typically done by larger processors.
      • Roe Recovery - Roe is collected in a bucket and offloaded to a processor. Typically done by smaller processing operations or direct marketers.
    • Ready-To-Eat (RTE), Shelf Stable, and Thermal Processing Definitions:
      • Ready To Eat - Products that are not shelf-stable or produced by thermal processing.
      • Shelf Stable - Products with a water activity below 0.85 and are stored at room temperature.
      • Thermal Processing - Canned or retorted products that have been heated according to a scheduled process that has been approved by a Processing Authority.
  • Packaging material*: Check the packaging materials you intend to use in your process. If the packaging material you use is not listed, indicate it under "Other Material".
  • Harvest Months: Check all months you will be processing seafood.

*If you are a new applicant or a renewal applicant that has made changes to: Fisheries Resources, Processes, or Packaging Materials - you must perform a Hazard Analysis and, if hazards are identified, submit a new or updated HACCP plan.

Product Distribution and Transportation

Product and Process

  • Percentage of Products Sold: List the percentages of distribution of your products via Retail or Wholesale, Intrastate or Interstate, and Export. See above for descriptions.
    • Retail and Wholesale percentages must add to 100 percent.
    • Intrastate and Interstate percentages must add to 100 percent.
    • Export percentage is added into the Interstate percentage.
  • Transportation: Describe how your product will be transported from your facility/vessel to the intended market (Example: "Loaded into a freezer van then flown on an airplane.").

Harvest Areas

Check each box next to the area(s) where you intend to harvest seafood.

Harvest Areas

Fees and Payment


Check the box on the application and submit the proper fee. If you are not sure of your permit type, contact ADEC. Applications will not be processed until payment is received (Check, Money Order or Credit Card payment).



Applications that are not signed and dated will not be accepted.

Seafood Plan Review Checklist Instructions

Required on new applicants or those with changes to business or processes or for extensive changes to facility/vessel, or products.

Required Documentation

Water Supply

If your drinking water supply is non-municipal contact the Drinking Water Program 907-269-7639 to ensure compliance with 18 AAC 80. Non-municipal drinking water systems may need to have the water tested to ensure compliance.

Water Sampling (Processing Water)

If your processing water comes from a non-municipal source (onboard water treatment plant, well that is not a Class A, surface water) - you are required to submit water samples before opening and every month while processing. Provide the name of the lab you plan on using for water testing. Also, provide the method of chlorination (direct injection or batch chlorination).

Note: If you are a vessel and are out to sea for extended periods of time, it is your responsibility to coordinate testing to comply with this requirement.

At the time of inspection, you will need to provide a daily disinfection log that shows the daily measurement of chlorine in the processing water.

Seafood Waste Disposal

Indicate if you plan on bringing your waste to a landfill for burial or discharging at sea. For water discharges, you must keep a log of all seafood waste discharges, including the discharge location. Waste discharge logs are required at the time of inspection.

For operators processing 5000 pounds or more: Contact the ADEC Seafood Wastewater Coordinator to determine if you need a discharge permit. If you already have an APDES Permit#, please list it in section e. on the Checklist.

Plan Review Drawings (applies to both vessels and facilities)

Include drawings of the following, they may be hand-drawn and do not need to be to scale. Include a drawing for each of the following, that includes all of the items listed in Section A on the Seafood Plan Review Checklist for each drawing type:

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Plumbing Schematic

If your facility/vessel does not have an item on the list, please indicate this on your drawing.


Unsigned applications will not be accepted.

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