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Shellfish Harvest Required Records, HACCP, and Sanitation

Commercial harvest of shellfish requires the use of proper sanitation and following a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan.

Below find helpful information for commercial shellfish permits, HACCP plans and sanitation, and templates for HACCP records.

DEC Dealer Education Program
This downloadable booklet provides information regarding all aspects of dealing shellfish in Alaska.
DEC Commercial Shellfish Permit Information
Looking to grow, harvest, ship, or deal shellfish commercially? This is a great place to start. Find information on types of permits, requirements, fees, and more.
DEC Shellstock Shipping Requirements Facts
This information is specifically for Shellstock Shippers (SS), Shucker Packers (SP), and Reshipper (RS) dealers.
DEC Blank Daily Receiving Record
Track the products you have received, and help ensure that your product is safe, traceable, and meeting legal requirements.
DEC Blank Daily Sanitation Report
Track daily sanitation conditions in your facility, to make sure your product meets sanitary requirements.
DEC Blank Daily Temperature Record
Track temperatures of your product to make sure that it meets safety and legal requirements.
DEC Blank Shellstock Harvest/Transportation Cooling Log
Track shellfish temperatures during transportation, making sure your product is transported within safe and legal temperatures.
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points / Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures are required for commercial shellfish permits, and helps identify and control food safety hazards.

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