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Commercial Shellfish Transportation Documentation

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For Shellstock Shipper (SS), Shucker Packer (SP) & Reshipper (RS) Dealers

Records that document transportation are required under NSSP MO Chapter IX .05 for the wholesale shipment of shellstock from a primary dealer to a secondary dealer, and beyond the secondary dealer in those cases where shellstock may be re-shipped wholesale to other dealers.

Who is Responsible for Providing Transportation Documentation?

Each dealer who ships shellstock to another wholesale dealer. This records requirement does not apply to shipments directly from a dealer to a food service or retail food store.

What Does the Transportation Document Need to Include?

The document or record must include two things:

  1. the time the shellstock was shipped; and
  2. the temperature of the conveyance, or the fact that the shellstock was adequately iced at the time of shipment.

A statement indicating the time of shipment and a written confirmation that the “shellstock was shipped adequately iced”, or “shipped in a truck container pre-chilled to less than 45°F” is recommended.

Do I Need to Document the Shellstock Temperature as Part of This Transportation Record?

No. This rule only refers to the conveyance temperature, or that the shellstock is adequately iced at the time of transportation. However, shellstock temperature and cooling are very important requirements that are addressed in a different section of the Model Ordinance.

Do I Need to Create a New Record to Meet this Requirement?

No. Documenting the shipping time and the shipping temperature of the container or conveyance/presence of adequate ice on a purchase order, invoice, bill of lading, or even the shellfish tag satisfies the requirement.

May I Pre-Print a Statement on the Shipping Invoice to Meet the Requirement?

Yes, pre-printed statements on the invoice are acceptable if the dealer includes spaces to record the actual time of shipment and a place to check off that the dealer observed the temperature or icing at the time of shipment.

Is this Record a HACCP record (that I am required to keep and review as part of my HACCP plan)?

For the shipping dealer, this record is not intended to be a HACCP record. However, for the receiving dealer, this record is used to show that the critical limit (the ambient air temperature of the conveyance must be 45°F (7.2°C) or below prior to loading and time of receipt) has been met at the receiving critical control point, so it is a HACCP record.

Must a Receiving Dealer Reject a Shellstock Shipment if There is No Transportation Documentation?

Yes. As part of the receiving dealer’s HACCP plan at the receiving step, the receiving dealer must ensure the shipping documentation information received from the shipping dealer shows that the shipment was shipped safely. If you don’t receive a document or it is incomplete, you must reject the shipment.

How to Evaluate Shipping Documentation and What Action to Take

How Did You Receive Document? Time of Shipment Included? Observation Included? Does It Meet Requirements? Accept Shipment
Document With Shipment Yes No No. Must contain both an observation and a time of shipment. Reject Shipment
Document With Shipment No Yes No. Must contain both an observation and a time of shipment. Reject Shipment
Document Emailed or Faxed, Not With Shipment Yes Yes No. Must accompany product in transit. Reject Shipment
Document With Shipment Yes Yes Yes! Check other receiving critical limits (tags, etc.)

Example 1:

All shellstock was shipped in a conveyance pre-chilled to 45F or less. Time of shipment: 2:15PM

Example 1 is acceptable. By adding a check mark, you are confirming that the truck temperature was observed at 45F or less and you've included a time of shipment.

Example 2:

All shellstock was shipped with adequate ice. Time of shipment: 2:15PM

Example 2 is acceptable. By adding a check mark, you are confirming that the product was observed with adequate ice when shipped and you've included a time of shipment.More Resources

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