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On the Cidelines Newsletter 2019

New Testing Process

Starting January 1, 2019 Online Exams are available at testing centers around the state. This means more locations, more testing dates, and quicker results! Of course you can still re-certify through Continuing Education.

The process is simple

  1. Fill out an Exam Registration Form (PDF) to tell us who you are, what categories you will test for, and where you want to take the exam (similar to the current form).
  2. Send the form to DEC.
  3. We email you with details about how to contact the testing center in your area to schedule a time to take your exams.
  4. Exams are automatically graded; you will receive your results as soon as you finish each exam!

Online Exams

Online proctored exams are available during normal testing center business hours. Testing centers charge a fee to administer exams; this is a separate fee from the license/certification fee that you will pay to DEC once you pass the exams. You will pay the testing fee directly to the testing center when you go in to take the exam. Fees vary, but are generally between $30 and $50 per test.

Paper and Pencil Exams

If you are unable to take an exam at an online testing center, we will try to arrange a proctor to administer the exams to you in a paper and pencil format. There may be a delay in locating and arranging a proctor for these exams. After you submit your Exam Registration Form, we will contact you with information about where and when to take your exams. Proctors may charge a fee to administer exams.

2018 Inspections and Violations

Inspection Type Number of Inspections Number of Violations
Agricultural Use 6 13
Complaint 4 8
Non-Agricultural Use 3 0
Record Keeping 5 3
Inspection Type Number of Violations Description Regulation
Agricultural Use 1 Contact application without insurance 18 AAC 90.620
Agricultural Use 1 Failure to comply with any WPS requirements 18 AAC 90.020 & 600 (compliance with label)
Agricultural Use 3 Central information 18 AAC 90.020 & 600
Agricultural Use 3 Respirator records training 18 AAC 90.020 & 600
Agricultural Use 2 Worker/handler training 18 AAC 90.020 & 600
Agricultural Use 1 Failure to provide decontamination supplies 18 AAC 90.020 & 600
Agricultural Use 1 Inadequate PPE for owner 18 AAC 90.020 & 600
Agricultural Use 1 Inadequate PPE storage 18 AAC 90.020 & 600
Complaint 3 Non-certified applicator 18 AAC 90.300
Complaint 1 Application when winds were too high 18 AAC 90.610
Complaint 1 Failure to notify public water system 18 AAC 90.640
Complaint 1 Illegal application of pesticides to surface water 18 AAC 90.020, 600, & 505
Complaint 1 Failure to provide accurate information to the public 18 AAC 90.650
Complaint 1 Failure to ensure compliance with an Integrated Pest Management Plan 18 AAC 90.650
Non-Agricultural Use 0 None n/a
Record Keeping 3 Failure to keep adequate pesticide application records 18 AAC 90.415(2) and 420

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