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On the Cidelines Newsletter 2020

Closed Book Exams

New federal regulations make it mandatory for pesticide certification exams to be closed book. Starting January 1, 2020, test takers will not be allowed to have any reference materials during certification exams except for materials provided by proctors.

DEC has revised exams and provided additional handouts to address these new requirements. We do not anticipate a change in pass/fail rates.

New handouts provided by proctors will include a copy of Pesticide Regulations and an expanded Formula Sheet.

Protecting Bees

Many labels prohibit spraying if bees are present. In Alaska, bees are foraging around the clock during summer months. You can assume that if flowers are present, bees ar present as well. Whether or not you visibly see any bees, spraying on or near flowering plants violates labels with pollinator protection statements.

Did you Know?

The most significant sources of nectar for foraging bees in Alaska are:

  • Fireweed
  • Willow
  • Clover (several types)

Am I Certified?

Not unless you have received your certification card!

Just because you have passed the exams does not mean you are allowed to begin commercial application or obtain RUPs.

In order to become certified you must:

  1. Pass required examinations
  2. Submit proof of insurance
  3. Pay $25 licensing fee

Only when all three requirements have been met will DEC issue a certification number and print a certification card for you.

Regulations require that you have the certification card with you or posted at your business.

Pesticide Inspection Violations 2019 (to date)

Inspection Type Inspections
Record Keeping 11
Non-Agricultural Use 8
Agricultural-WPS Use 3
Complaint Investigations /Other 7
Type Violations Description Regulation
Record Keeping 3 Commercial applicator not certified 18 AAC 90.300
Record Keeping 1 Technicians not being provided adequate instructions 18 AAC 90.300
Record Keeping 5 Required information not recorded 18 AAC 90.420
Record Keeping 1 Storage area inadequate 18 AAC 90.615
Non-Agricultrual Use 0 n/a n/a
Agricultural-WPS 1 Failure to comply with any WPS requirements 18 AAC 90.020 & 600 (compliance with label)
Complaint Investigations / Other 3 Non-certified applicator 18 AAC 90.300
Complaint Investigations / Other 1 Failure to post information for application to public place 18 AAC 90.630
Complaint Investigations / Other 1 Pesticide drift 18 AAC 90.610
Complaint Investigations / Other 2 Pesticide misuse - application to non-approved site with potential for harm to human health. 1 prosecuted ciminally. 1 pending. 18 AAC 90.600

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