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Burial on Private Property

In Alaska, state laws and regulations are relatively silent on the matter of burying human remains on private property. However, many communities in the State of Alaska have local ordinances that address this issue. Contact your local or regional government office or a local funeral home or mortuary for information on the burial of human remains in your area. Note: The Municipality of Anchorage has local ordinances prohibiting the burial of human remains except in an approved cemetery.

State law does require a person who assumes custody of a dead body for final disposition to obtain a burial-transit permit. A burial-transit permit may be obtained from any funeral home in the state or from the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Juneau at 907-465-3391.

Private Property Burial Plot Recommendations

If burial on private property is allowed by local authorities in your area, these guidelines should be followed:

  • Burial should be a minimum of 6 feet below the ground surface
  • Burial should be in a proper container (e.g. a vault or casket) to prevent the leaching of bodily fluids
  • All grave sites should be a minimum of 200 feet from any stream, lake, or potable water supply
  • Grave sites should be recorded on the deed to the property