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Fish Contaminant Data

Fukushima Disaster and Radionuclide Testing of Alaskan Fish

In 2011 the Tōhoku earthquake occurred off the west coast of Japan causing a large tsunami. The Fukushima Daini nuclear power plant disaster occurred in the days following. Large amounts of contaminated water were released into the ocean causing concern for radiation contamination spreading across the Pacific ocean. As part of a much larger monitoring effort in the north Pacific, Alaskan fish samples have been collected and tested for Cs-134, Cs-137 and I-131 since 2014.

A total of 92 samples from 11 different species have been analyzed since testing began. No detectable levels have been found in any sample.

See the link below for all sample results.

Radioisotope Testing Alaskan Fish

Metals in Alaska's Fish

Organic Contaminants in Alaska's Fish

*These PFAS samples were collected opportunistically by collaborative partners in 2009 and 2010 from marine waters and major rivers across the state. The FMP did not have direct control over the collection, processing, or storage of samples prior to the chemical analysis. Although sample collection followed standard collection protocol established for evaluation of other environmental contaminants, they were not those specifically developed for PFAS compounds. The general protocols are not designed to prevent cross-contamination of samples with PFAS from outside sources (e.g., rain gear, collection supplies, or processing equipment). Therefore, results from individual samples should be interpreted with caution.

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