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Division of Spill Prevention and Response Photos

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Test Burn 1 A test emulsion burn, 80 Barrels, 45 minutes. Extinguished and reignited multiple times.
Test Burn 2 Alaska North Slope Fresh Crude, 80 barrels, 45 minutes burn, continuous.
Test Burn 3 Emulsion, 80 barrels, 45 minutes burn, continuous.

Ice Conditions

Presentation of Ice Conditions, North Slope Spill Response Team.
Exxon Valdez Spill Prince William Sound Spill documentation - 1989.
Star Princess Grounding on Poundstone Rock, Lynn Canal - 6/23/95.
Overseas Ohio Damage inspection of a head-on collision with an iceberg.
International Spill Conference, Tampa Equipment Demonstration at the International Spill Conference, Tampa, Florida - 1993.
Nearshore Response Drill Oil Spill Response Team Training Exercise, Prince William Sound - September 19-22, 1994.

Contaminated Sites Program Photos

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Haines-Fairbanks Pipeline Sampling the Haines-Fairbanks Pipeline corridor to investigate the possibility of dioxin or other persistent chemicals remaining from past herbicide use along the right-of-way. No residual herbicides or herbicide-related dioxin were detected in any of the samples.
Peger Road, Fairbanks Documenting the installation of a deep monitoring well that is part of the extended monitoring network associated with the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (ADOTPF) Peger Road Maintenance facility.
Unalakleet Sampling and response to confirmed high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) in the soil and vegetation. The Air Force will remove the PCB-contaminated areas so that the remaining soil is within the DEC cleanup standard of one PPM. Estimated completion date is September 15, 2004. (Photos courtesy of US Air Force).

Industry Preparedness Photos

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Underground Storage Tanks  

Prevention and Emergency Response Photos

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M/V Kuroshima Response to vessel grounding in Summer Bay near Dutch Harbor, 11/26/1997. 39,000 gallons bunker fuel released.
Swanson River Pipeline Breach Response to leak in pipeline, 1/6/1999. 217,224 gallons produced water and 11,424 gallons crude oil released.
M/V Wilderness Adventurer Response to vessel grounding in Dundas Bay, Glacier Bay National Park, 6/12/1999.
Canyon Derailment Response to Alaska Railroad derailment at Canyon, 10/31/1999. 12,450 gallons diesel released.
Gold Creek Derailment Response to Alaska Railroad derailment at Gold Creek, 12/22/1999. 12,000 gallons diesel released.
TAPS Bullet Hole Release Response to leak in the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, 10/4/2001. 285,600 gallons crude released.
Various Response Images DEC responders on the job.