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Cleanup Level Amendments

These regulations became effective September 29, 2018

Document description Download
Filed Regulations PDF 1.1M
Response to Comments PDF 87K
Adoption Order PDF 314K
Public Notice of Proposed Changes on Alaska Public Notices Website
Questions Received about the Proposed Changes (April 17, 2018) PDF 72K
Public Notice of Proposed Changes PDF 1.3M
Formal Proposed Amendments to 18 AAC 75 PDF 382K
Proposed Amendments Annotated with Explanations of the Changes PDF 442K
Procedures for Calculating Cleanup Levels (PCCL) revised February 1, 2018 PDF 1186K
Procedures for Calculating Cumulative Risk (PCCR) revised February 1, 2018 PDF 854K
UST Procedures Manual revised March 22, 2017 PDF 1435K
Risk Assessment Procedures Manual (RAPM) revised February 1, 2018 PDF 1274K
Side-by-Side Table of 2016 and 2018 Cleanup Levels PDF 394K

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