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Anchorage DEC Office Outage

Anchorage DEC offices are experiencing a phone and internet outage. Please call the mainline of the Juneau or Fairbanks office location for assistance. Report oil and hazmat spills in the Anchorage area during business hours or statewide after-hours: 907-891-0757. During business hours, spills in Northern or Southeast regions can still be reported to the respective local response team office.

Welcome to DEC's Water Online Application System (OASys)

This system may be used to:

  • Submit APDES Notice of Intent (NOI) applications for general permit coverage (construction storm water, industrial storm water, excavation dewatering, hydrostatic/aquifer pump testing and offshore seafood processors)
  • Submit APDES Notice of Termination (NOT) for general permits (construction storm water, excavation dewatering, hydrostatic/aquifer pump testing)
  • Submit APDES annual reports for general permits (industrial storm water, seafood and placer mining)
  • Apply for Grants (Municipal Matching Grant, Alaska Clean Water Actions Grant and Village Safe Water Grant)
  • Submit Grant and Loan Questionnaires (Alaska Drinking Water Fund, Alaska Clean Water Fund, and Municipal Matching Grant)
  • Submit the Municipal Grant and Loan quarterly report
  • Register a Commercial Passenger Vessel
  • Submit a Remote Maintenance Worker Trip Report
  • Complete annual discharge registration for operations under the Small Suction Dredge (SSD) General Permit (e-signature is not required). SSD FAQ sheet (PDF).

Note: New application types are added to the system frequently.

To view other applications, please go to the Permit Application Forms.

To enter the Water Online Application System, select " Continue to myAlaska" and login using your myAlaska user account.

OASys Help | MyAlaska Help

OASys Highlights

If you sign Applications and Reports - Start E-Signing (PDF)

  • Once approved for eSignature, signing your application takes minutes
  • Receive immediate confirmation of your e-signed application

If you prepare Applications and Reports - Register Your Organization (PDF)

  • Collaboratively view, modify, and submit applications created on behalf of the organization
  • Access to applications can be maintained when associated staff depart the organization

If this is your first time visiting this page and you do not have a myAlaska account, enroll at myAlaska.

Please direct questions to DEC.Water.OPAHelp@Alaska.Gov.

For permit applications call 907-269-8117. For all other applications call the Division of Water at 907-465-5180.

OASys Help | MyAlaska Help

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