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EPA Davis-Bacon Wage Act Policy & Documentation

Required for All Alaska Clean Water Fund and Alaska Drinking Water Fund Loans

For all construction contracts for more than $2,000, Davis Bacon wages apply. In Alaska, both Federal and State wages apply. The higher relevant wage rate (either the Federal Davis Bacon or Alaska's Minimum Rate of Pay) must be paid for labor work on SRF loan funded projects. The bid specification document needs to include specific federal language and the related wages in addition to mentioning Alaska wage rates and where to locate them.



Contract Administration

  • Wage Rate lock-in at bid opening and contract is awarded within 90 days and needs to be updated if contract award is more than 90 days after bid opening. Once a Davis-Bacon wage rate has been locked, it stays in effect for the duration of the project.
  • Check certified weekly payroll within 2 weeks of initial and final payrolls and provide copies to SRF team with Disbursement Requests
  • Chapter 15 of the DOL Field Operations Handbook (PDF)



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