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Electronic Documentation of Construction Form and User Guide

Please note, the application is a work in progress and improvements and modifications are planned. To provide questions or feedback, please send an email to

Electronic Submittals and Paper Applications

Beginning Aug. 1, 2020, ESPR will no longer accept paper applications to register a conventional system and all Documentation of Constructions must either be emailed (in a single pdf with all attachments) or submitted through OASys. Beginning Sept. 1, 2020, all Documentation of Constructions will be required to be submitted through OASys. Exceptions will only be made if there are extenuating circumstances that prohibits an individual from using OASys and the local area office has agreed to an acceptable alternative submittal process.


  • To electronically sign documentation of constructions through OASys, users must login through their myAlaska account, go to OASys, start a "Document of Construction - Septic System" application or apply for an e-signature and then "Request DEC Water Validation". Follow the instructions on the websites until "Save Profile Information & Print Form". Click this link, and then call or email Ryan Peterson, 907-262-3402, to be validated. This step will only need to be done once. Please note:
    • The myAlaska username and account validated to sign the application must match the name of the Certified Installer, Approved Homeowner, or Registered Engineer submitting information in OASys; and
    • users are not required to print, sign, notarize and mail a subscriber agreement to the Department unless the user;
      • has been previously validated within OASys to sign APDES applications and/or reports for a company/organization; or
      • intends to sign APDES applications and/or reports for a company/organization.
  • Some fields are not applicable for specific installations. Those fields should be left blank
  • Engineers must fill out, sign and seal the “OASys Documentation of Construction Certification” available within the application till such time the application allows engineers to seal the submittal
  • For errors on submission, please contact the local area office staff to reject the application so that it can be modified

Step 1:

  • Organization Name: Certified installers and engineers need to add their company name into this field. Approved homeowner installers and contractors or persons without a company shall enter “NA” or “not applicable”

Step 2:

  • Title or Certification Number:
    • Approved Homeowners use "AHO"
    • Certified Installers use their certification number
    • Registered engineers enter their license number

Step 3:

  • Street Address: Properties without a street address enter "NHN" which stands for "no house number". If there is an adjacent street, water body, or named trail add the name behind "NHN"
  • Legal Description: If a property has been subdivided, enter the subdivision name including additions and phases. If property has not been subdivided, users do not need to enter a "Lot", "Block" and "Tract" as these fields are not applicable
  • Subdivision Name including Additions and Phases:
    • For Alaska State Land Surveys enter "ASLS" followed by the survey number within this field. Example ASLS 79-250
    • For US Surveys enter "USS" followed by the survey number within this field. Example USS 2408
    • To enter a plat number, add this behind the name of the subdivision
  • GPS Coordinates: Must be taken within the soil absorption system

Note: The "quadrant" is determined by the Township and Range. For example "Township 5 North, Range 4 West" is in the NW quadrant.

Step 4:

  • Peak design wastewater flow: Is applicable for all installations. For private residences and multi-family dwellings, flow is determined by number of bedrooms multiplied by 150
  • For all commercial facilities: comments/criteria used to size commercial facility: Design calculations may be attached in the "attachment" section. If attached as a separate document, please indicate this. For questions regarding peak commercial wastewater flows, please work with the local DEC office nearest the proposed project
  • Date Installed: Projects installed over multiple days, please select the date that the project was completed

Step 5:

  • Groundwater/Seeps and/or Impermeable Soil: If these are not encountered in the testhole leave these fields blank

Step 7:

  • Separation distances: Must be listed to the nearest half foot, and cannot be listed as “100+”, ">100", etc. In all cases, if the actual separation distance is known it must be listed

Important: If the separation distance is verified to be two (2) times greater than the required separation distance, the separation distance may be listed as two (2) times the required separation distance.

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