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Excavation Dewatering, Hydrostatic, and Aquifer Pump Test General Permits

On August 22, 2019 DEC issued the general permits for (AKG002000) Excavation Dewatering and the (AKG00300) Hydrostatic & Aquifer Pump Testing (mineral mining and exploration only) general permits, with an effective date of October 1, 2019.

Dewatering discharges eligible for coverage under this general permit consist of water pumped from excavation areas through the use of temporary dewatering wells or submersible pumps to lower the water table to support a construction activity. The dewatering of accumulated groundwater and storm water that accumulates within an excavation area is an authorized discharge under the permit. The permit provides discharge authorization for dewatering conducted within 1,500 feet of a permit defined “DEC-identified contaminated site” although special permit conditions apply and additional requirements may be added in the discharge authorization.

NEW - 2019 Excavation Dewatering General Permit, AKG002000 - NEW

This General Permit provides discharge authorization to entities conducting hydrostatic testing. Hydrostatic discharges including flushing that consist of either potable or non-potable water discharges used to pressurize a tank or vessel to conduct leak detection tests.

NEW - 2019 Hydrostatic General Permit, AKG003000 - NEW

This General Permit provides discharge authorization to entities conducting aquifer pump testing in support of mineral mining development and exploration only. Discharges that are authorized under AKG003000 consist of groundwater pump tests to conduct water quality, water quantity tests or hydrogeological investigations and discharged to either the surface or to a water body in support of mineral mining development and exploration. The primary pollutants would be suspended solids, dissolved solids, and potentially naturally occurring trace metals.

(Mineral Mining Development and Exploration Only)

NEW - 2019 Aquifer Pump Test General Permit, AKG003000 - NEW

What are the permitting requirements to discharge excavation dewatering or hydrostatic / aquifer pump test (minineral mining exploration and development) test water?

Review the excavation dewatering NOI submission flow chart or the hydrostatic/aquifer pump testing NOI submission flow chart or respective permit to determine if permit coverage is required. Information about either mapped contaminated sites or identified large groundwater plumes can be viewed by accessing the first two items in the "Contaminated Sites Resources" box to the right. Once you have determined general permit coverage is required for your discharge, please do the following:

  • Obtain and read the entire Excavation Dewatering or Hydrostatic/Aquifer Pump Testing general permit.
  • Develop a BMP plan in accordance with Permit Part 2.9. The BMP plan is a critical component of the permit to provide assurance all wastewater will be properly managed, treated, and discharged in accordance to the permit.
  • Submissions to DEC
    • Submit an NOI (preferred - via the Online Application System (OASys) - APDES eNOI)
    • Pay permit fee (see permit fee table)
    • Submit a certified BMP plan with completed NOI and permit fee
  • Upon receipt of a DEC authorization letter, the applicant will be given a permit authorization tracking number granting them authority to discharge.

For More Information, Contact:

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Teri Buck Environmental Program Specialist III 907-334-2281
Angela Hunt Environmental Program Specialist IV 907-269-7599
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