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APDES Storm Water Forms

The following forms should be used with the APDES Construction General Permit (CGP), the Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP), the Excavation Dewatering General Permit (AKG002000), or the Hydrostatic and Aquifer Pump Testing General Permit (AKG003000), and the Pesticide General Permit (PGP, AKG870000)

2016 Construction General Permit (2016 CGP, AKR100000)
Document Updated
2016 CGP NOI (Notice of Intent) (PDF) 04/13/2016
2016 CGP NOT (Notice of Termination) (PDF) 04/13/2016
2016 CGP NOI Modification (PDF) 04/13/2016
2016 CGP Low Erosivity Waiver (PDF) 04/13/2016
2016 CGP Annual Report (PDF) 04/13/2016
2015 Multi-Sector General Permit (2015 MSGP, AKR060000)
Documents Updated
2015 MSGP NOI (Notice of Intent) (PDF) 12/04/2015
2015 MSGP NOT (Notice of Termination) (PDF) 02/19/2015
2015 MSGP NOE (No Exposure Certification) (PDF) 02/19/2015
2015 MSGP Annual Report (PDF) 02/19/2015
2015 MSGP MDMR (Discharge Monitoring Report) (PDF) 10/14/2015
2015 MSGP Corrective Action (PDF) 02/19/2015
2015 MSGP NOI Modification (PDF) 12/04/2015
Noncompliance Form (docx) 02/19/2015
Excavation Dewatering General Permit (AKG002000)
Documents Updated
Excavation Dewatering NOI (Notice of Intent) (PDF) 06/01/2015
Excavation Dewatering NOT (Notice of Termination) (PDF) 06/01/2015
Excavation Dewatering DMR (Discharge Montoring Report) (PDF) 08/11/2014
Hydrostatic Testing General Permit (AKG003000)
Documents Updated
Hydrostatic NOI (Notice of Intent) (PDF) 06/01/2015
Hydrostatic NOT (Notice of Termination) (PDF) 06/01/2015
Aquifer Pump Testing General Permit (AKG003000)
Documents Updated
Aquifer Pump Test - Mineral Mining NOI (Notice of Intent) (PDF) 06/01/2015
Aquifer Pump Test - Mineral Mining NOT (Notice of Termination) (PDF) 06/01/2015
Other Forms
Documents Updated
Delegation of Signature Authority (PDF) 02/11/2016