endorsed drinking water protection plans

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why would a Public Water System want to develop and implement an Endorsed Drinking Water Protection Plan ?
    Besides the important fact that preventing contamination from occurring is much cheaper then treating the water after it has been contaminated. Your water system can qualify for grant programs that will assist the public water system develop or implement drinking water protection plans.

    In order for systems to qualify for current and future incentives an Endorsed Protection Plan must be Substantially Implemented or in the case of receiving grants, the system must be developing a plan that will lead to Substantial Implementation of their Drinking Water Protection Plan.

2) Can non-profits and local governments that are not involved in the direct operation of public water systems apply for grants ?

Yes. Although preference is given to public water systems with Endorsed Protection Plans that apply, any organization proposing projects promoting strategies that protect sources of public drinking water can qualify. Funding for these projects can be pursued through the annual Alaska Clean Waters Actions Grant. The amount of funding available varies annually. Contact Drinking Water Protection at for further information: 907-269-7549.

3.) Can a system be considered substantially implementing protection strategies and not have an Endorsed Drinking Water Protection Plan ?

Yes: Systems/Communities implementing at least two protection strategies, can be considered substantially implemented and still not qualify for an Endorsed Protection Plan. To qualify they need either a protection plan that meets all of the criteria for endorsement or formally request approval of the strategies occurring within the community

This situation typically occurs when a community has established environmental programs/restrictions/agreements that directly protect the drinking water source. If the community has not formally requested to be considered for an Endorsed Protection Plan, they are counted as substantially implementing protection efforts but are not Endorsed by the State of Alaska.

4) Can a system have an Endorsed Protection Plan and not meet the substantial implementation criteria ?

Yes: A system/community that completes a Endorsed Protection Plan but does not implement at least 2 protection strategies will not be considered substantially implemented.

This situation typically occurs when a system/community develops a formal protection plan in accordance with the required eight elements of Pathway No. 1, but has not implemented at least two protection strategies identified in the plan.

5.) Can the Wellhead Protection Management CD ROM be used to create an Endorsed Drinking Water Protection Plan ?

Yes: This CD, available by contacting DEC Drinking Water Protection, allows you to enter information specific to your community/water systems and give examples of possible strategies to use in your plan. Although originally designed for the protection of wells, it can also be used to develop a draft plan for surface water sources. The CD produces a draft Microsoft Word .doc file, and modifications can be made manually to tailor the plan to your surface water source.

6) Does a Water System need to have a substantially implemented protection plan in order to qualify for funding incentives ?

No: An Endorsed Protection Plan is the only requirement. If the Protection Plan is seeking funding options needed to implement the protection strategies identified in the plan, at water system can qualify for ACWA Grant.