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Home Heating Oil Tank Guidance

General Information

Spills from residential heating oil tank systems and the resulting contamination are ongoing and widespread problems across Alaska. The Prevention Preparedness and Response Program works with numerous property owners every year to cleanup spills caused by leaking or failed home heating oil tank systems. In addition to the negative impact to the environment, residential heating oil spills can be expensive for the property owner, both in terms of cleaning up the environment and also the value of the lost fuel. Property values may also be diminished in association with contamination that has not been addressed. By taking the preventative measures outlined on this page, property owners with residential fuel oil tank systems can greatly reduce the chances of having a heating oil spill.

Aside from possible state and local fire codes, Alaska does not have regulations that govern the installation or maintenance of heating oil tank systems. Homeowners are entirely responsible for the installation, maintenance and integrity of heating oil tanks, lines and fittings. Alaska does have statutes and regulations that govern releases from home heating oil tank systems.

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(produced by and for Alaska Public Radio Network, Duncan Moon, updated 09/2008)