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Alaska Spill Response Permits Tool

Responding to an oil spill in Alaska can require authorizations form a number of state and federal agencies. This website provides streamlined access to more than 40 permit applications and other forms, guidance, contacts, and other helpful information, reducing the time needed to mount an effective response.

The Alaska Spill Response Permits Tool project was completed and approved by the agencies represented on this website. Not every state and federal agency with an interest in a particular response may be represented. The agencies listed below are those whose forms or authorizations are commonly required for many routine emergency phase oil spill response functions. This list is not exhaustive, during a response it is important to verify permit requirements with the Unified Command, trustee agencies, and other officials.

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Permits by Agency



  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
    • Information
      • For emergency access to individual Native allotments or Native government lands, contact the BIA's Alaska Region Environmental Program at 907-271-4004.

Other Organizations

Permits by Activity



Resource Protection

Land Use

  • Land Ownership Information

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