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The Search Parameters can be used for simple or complex searches. A simple search could be selecting one item from a section, i.e. Site Status – Active. A more complex search could include selecting one or more items from separate sections, i.e. Site Status – Active, Region – Aleutians East and Anchorage. A simple search will provide the most results.

For SWIMS help, please contact us at 907-269-7802.


Contact the landfill before you go. Confirm they will accept your waste. Landfills can refuse waste.

For specific site questions, contact the DEC Manager listed on the Facility Info screen. Their contact is on our contacts page.

Welcome to SWIMS

SWIMS contains information on landfills, solid waste treatment facilities, and solid waste storage facilities in Alaska for the ADEC Solid Waste Program. It contains status, location, authorizations (permits), and contacts for each site.


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