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PAEL Reporting Instructions

This webpage is to provide guidance in the Preapproved Emission Limit (PAEL) reporting obligations and to assist you in complying with those requirements. It is not necessary to submit copies of fuel receipts along with the annual calculations, but you are required to retain the fuel receipts for five years, and make them available for department inspection upon request. In accordance with applicable regulations and your preapproved emission limit, you have agreed to:

Diesel Engines facilities - 18 AAC 50.230(c)(2)

  • Limit the quantity of fuel consumed in the equipment listed in your application during any consecutive 12 months to no more than the amount proposed in your application;
  • Record the amount of fuel consumed in the equipment and calculate the total fuel consumed in the equipment during the preceding 12 months.

Gasoline Distribution facilities - 18 AAC 50.230(d)(2)

  • Limit the quantity of gasoline transferred (the total of all the loading racks at a bulk gasoline terminal which deliver liquid product into gasoline tank trucks) from tanks from tanks to vehicles at the facility each day to less than 19,900 gallons;
  • Record the amount of gasoline transferred from tanks at the facility each day.
  • Submission of the annual reporting form is required through the department's Air Online Services as stated in 18 AAC 50.230(d)(2)(D)(ii).

By applying for and accepting the preapproved emission limit, as opposed to a permit, you are obligated to report to the Department once a year the compliance status of your facility. The required reporting forms for diesel engine facilities may be downloaded from ADEC ORL PAEL application and forms website.

Please remember to submit copies each of the report no later than January 31 for the preceding calendar year. Submit completed annual reporting forms to:

  • Compliance Technician
  • Department of Environmental Conservation
  • Air Permit Program
  • 610 University Avenue
  • Fairbanks, AK 99709-3643
  • Phone: 907-451-5173, Fax: 907-451-2187

If you have any trouble or questions concerning your reporting or record keeping requirements, please feel free to contact the Department at 907-451-5173.

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