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Air Permit Policies

Date Name File type and Download link Description
05/05/21 Worker Housing Issues (Policy 04.02.108) (PDF) Guidance on modeling procedures of worker housing areas
09/01/14 Number of Copies of Compliance Reports and Permit Applications Required from Permittees (Policy 04.02.110) (PDF) Clarifies that permittees need only submit to the Air Permit Program one certified (original) document for application, compliance reports, or data compilations
06/21/12 Standard Conditions in Operating Permits (Policy 04.02.103) (PDF) Guidance on the Application of Standard Permit Conditions in Operating Permits
09/02/09 Policy on Non-Road Engines (PDF) Interpretation of the term "non-road engine" with respect to pre-construction permitting requirements in AS 46.14 and 18 AAC 50
11/20/06 Construction Phase Air Emissions at Oil Fields (Policy 04.02.104) (PDF) Guidance on the Treatment of North Slope Oil Field Emissions that occur during the project construction
11/20/06 Intermittently Used Oil Field Support Equipment (Policy 04.02.105) (PDF) Guidance on the Treatment of North Slope Oil Field Emissions Coming From Intermittently used Small Emissions Sources
12/15/99 ENVVEST Initiative (PDF) A partnering agreement to deal with Title V permitting issues on Elmendorf Air Force Base entered into by the USAF, U.S. EPA and DEC
08/24/98 EPA Title V Operating Permit Policy and Guidance Document Index (Web Page) A search-able data base which contains over 100 EPA issued policy and guidance documents
08/26/98 Batch Process Memo (PDF) To determine the rated capacity of a batch process
04/21/98 Operating Permit Application Deadline Memorandum (PDF) Permit deadline for existing non-permitted facility making a modification
03/10/98 Permit-by-Rule Notice (PDF) How the department will treat storage tanks subject to NSPS Kb record-keeping requirements between 03/10/98 and the date the department's permit-by-rule becomes effective
12/17/97 Facilities authorized to construct under pre-January 18, 1997 Regulations (PDF) Memorandum on Construction Permits and Operating Permits
12/17/97 Drill Rigs Emission Control Information (PDF) Letter to International Association of Drilling Contractors
10/29/97 ORL Authority (PDF) Use of 18AAC50.225 to avoid requirements
10/09/97 Volatile Organic Compounds (PDF) Department's interpretation of 18 AAC 50.300(h)(2)
10/20/97 Non-road Engines (PDF) Some non-road engines regulatory interpretations
04/09/97 Non-road engines determination (PDF) Info concerning ambient impacts of non-road engines
11/1984 Source Test Procedures (PDF) Source Test Report Procedures, Air Quality Control Plan Volume III, Section IV-3

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