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Pre-Application Assistance

Pre-application assistance is to help clients understand regulations, statutes, and policies in order to develop applications that conform to regulations.  This benefits the clients by identifying and resolving potential problems that would delay actions in the permitting process. Assisting with application development can consist of the following: attending pre-application meetings, providing verbal and written guidance, and reviewing draft work plans and data reports prepared by the client.  This also includes review if there is a need for meteorological and/or modeling data.  When discussions with ADEC staff exceeds a certain amount of time than a pre-application assistance account needs to be opened and the potential permittee will be charged time and material. 

For pre-application assistance the following information should be provided to the ADEC staff you are working with (and the permit application intake clerk):

  1. Company (owner, not consultant): name and mailing address
  2. Stationary Source (facility): name and address if known. If stationary source name is not provided, name will default to project name.
  3. Latitude/longitude for stationary source (necessary if company mailing address is not located in Alaska)
  4. Project Name (this name is not available to the public)
  5. Company name responsible for billing
  6. Billing address (if different than mailing address)
  7. Billing contact: Name, Phone Number, and email address
  8. Responsible Official: name and contact information
  9. Project contact: name and contact information

For more information please contact:

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