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Geographic Information Systems

About Our GIS

The Department of Environmental Conservation uses its Geographic Information System, or GIS, to more effectively serve its mission to protect human health and the environment. GIS technology is essential for understanding, communicating and analyzing environmental information. We have used our GIS to improve environmental decision making and to facilitate collaboration with other agencies, for example in responding to oil spill events.

The Department's GIS is administered by the Division of Administrative Services, or DAS. At DAS, we are dedicated to providing a sound GIS infrastructure that meets the needs of all our Department's users, as well as those of agencies, businesses and individuals external to the Department. Currently we maintain our geospatial data in a set of ArcSDE geodatabases and host map services using ArcGIS Server. Some of our web map applications and map services are available to the public (see links in the Mapping Resources menu, on this page). The Department collaborates with other State agencies to consolidate and share geospatial data, for example through the Alaska Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative.

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