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2018 Adoption Updates Proposed Revision: Questions & Answers

Note: These questions and answers pertain to the 2018 Adoption and SIP Updates Proposed Revisions. The information was current at the time of posting, but may be outdated after the adoption of regulations.

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Why is ADEC updating adoptions by reference?
ADEC is adopting updated federal regulations so that applicable requirements are included in permits.
Where can I find the updated adoption by reference documents?
The current and proposed updated adoption by reference documents can be found at:

Additional information:

FAQs Regarding the Department's Adoption of EPA's 2016 Revision to the Guideline on Air Quality Models (PDF)

You may ask questions about this regulations package until February 16, 2018, at 5 p.m., at this link:

The department will aggregate its response to substantially similar questions and make the questions and responses available on this page.  The department may, but is not required to, answer written questions received after the February 16, 2018, deadline for submitting questions.

Alternately, you may submit questions to Rebecca Smith at

Documents for the proposed regulation changes may be found at: 2018 Adoption Updates Proposal Webpage