Greenhouse Gas Inventory


The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Division of Air Quality, has prepared an updated inventory of the sources and amounts of “greenhouse gas” (GHG) emissions for Alaska. This inventory is current through 2010. The information and methodologies used in preparing the updated inventory are described in the inventory. The department anticipates preparing future updates to the inventory and welcomes comments from reviewers on ways to make future inventories more useful and accurate. The goal of the department in preparing the GHG inventories is to provide the interested public and policy-makers with reliable information on the sources and amounts of GHG emissions related to power production, transportation, economic development and other human activities in the state. The inventory is not intended to be a policy statement but to simply help inform discussions about GHG emissions.

We thank you for your interest and any suggestions you have.

Larry Hartig, Commissioner                   Denise Koch, Air Quality Director

Link to: 1990-2010 Greenhouse Gas Inventory (PDF)