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Donlin Mine PSD Permit Material & Construction Extension

Donlin Gold LLC (Donlin Gold) is proposing to construct and operate the Donlin Gold mine Project: a hard rock, open-pit, gold mine (Project). The Project is located in southwest Alaska, approximately 280 miles west of Anchorage. Donlin Gold has included an application for Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) Construction Permit No. AQ0934CPT02. Additionally, Donlin Gold included a letter requesting a third extension to the deadline for commencing construction of the Project under PSD Construction Permit No. AQ0934CPT01. Construction Permit No. AQ0934CPT01 was issued on June 30, 2017 and authorizes the installation of twelve (12) ultra-low sulfur diesel/natural gas-fired power generation units, boilers, emergency generators, incinerators, and other equipment.

For air modeling file please contact Aaron Simpson at 907-465-5123 or at

Date Title and Document Download Category Program
10/29/2021 Donlin Gold Mine Air Quality Construction Application (PDF 12M) Application Donlin Gold Mine
10/29/2021 Donlin Gold Mine Permit 3rd Extension Request (PDF 253K) Extension Donlin Gold Mine
10/12/2018 AQ0934CPT01 1st Extension Approval Letter (PDF 349K) Extension ADEC
05/15/2020 AQ0934CPT01 2nd Extension Approval Letter (PDF 341K) Extension ADEC
06/30/2017 AQ0934CPT01 Final Permit (PDF 6M) Permit ADEC
06/30/2017 AQ0934CPT01 Final Technical Analysis Report (PDF 1M) Permit ADEC
06/30/2017 AQ0934CPT01 Response to Comments (PDF 45K) Permit ADEC
10/29/2021 AQ0934CPT02 Application Email Submission (PDF 12M) Application Donlin Gold Mine
12/01/2021 AQ0934CPT01 3rd PSD Permit Extension Approval Letter (PDF 434K) Extension ADEC

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