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Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Outbreak in New Mexico

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease, caused by the virus Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Serotype 2 (RHDV2), affects both domestic and wild rabbits, causing respiratory and neurological symptoms, loss of appetite, and fever. Infected rabbits may have blood-stained noses, or experience sudden death. RHDV2 is highly contagious and can be spread through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected rabbit, or by handling contaminated materials. Humans cannot contract the virus, but can play a role in spreading it. RHDV2 outbreaks are ongoing in multiple states and Canada. For more information on RHDV2, please see the USDA APHIS Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Factsheet, and visit the links below for current outbreak information.

Last updated 6/4/2020

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