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Alaska Air Emissions Inventory & Reporting

An emission inventory is the reported actual emissions from sources within a specific time period, usually a calendar year. Inventories are developed, by sector, to provide the specific emission information used for Air Quality permitting and planning throughout the state. Emission inventory development is also required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Once developed, the various inventories are submitted to EPA. Each sector is required to be reported based on the schedule shown in the Federal Reporting Requirements Table. Major and minor point sources are categorized based on potential to emit from the previous calendar year.


(how emissions sources are grouped)

Point Sources Non-Point Sources
  • Major - (Type A – Potential to Emit greater than 2500 ton/yr)
  • - (Type B – Potential to Emit greater than 100 ton/yr)
  • NAA Sources - those within the nonattainment areas
  • Minor - sources that emit less than 100 ton/yr
  • Agriculture
  • Aircraft
  • Area (fire)
  • Marine
  • On-road/off road motor vehicle
  • Rail

Federal Reporting Requirements

Type A Sources - Annually

Date Due: April 30 of each year for preceding year.

All other sectors - Triennially

Upcoming Federal Reporting Year (2020, 2023, 2026, 2029)

Date Due: April 30 of the year following the reporting year.

Example: 2020 data due April 30, 2021

During a reporting year, sources need to monitor and record operating activities, material usage, fuel usage, and keep track of their emissions in preparation for the required reporting. The following information is provided to assist in recording, tracking, submitting and reviewing inventory information.

Emission Inventory Requirements

Emission Inventory Requirements

Regulations, Tools, and Resources

Emission Regulations Tools and Resources

Emission Inventory Forms

Emission Inventory Forms

Non-Point Emission Inventories

Non Point Emission Inventory

Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory

Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory

Alaska Rural Emissions Inventory (Coming Soon)

Map of Alaska Rural Emission Inventory

Surveys (Coming Soon)

Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory

Staff Contacts:

Contact for Permitted Sources

General Emission Inventory Questions:

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