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Active Retail and Manufactured Food Permits

Seating-Based Food Service

  • FF-1 Food Service
  • FF-2 Church/Institution Food Service
  • FF-3 Day/Residential Care Food Service
  • FF-4 Labor Camp Food Service
  • FF-5 Seafood Processor Galley/Mess Hall
  • FF-6 Deli/Takeout/Drive-in Food Service
  • FF-7 Food Service and Caterer
  • FF-8 Food Service with Wholesale Processing
  • FF-9 Temporary Camp Authorization

Non-Seating-Based Food Service

  • FN-1 Limited Food Service
  • FN-2 Mobile Food Service - Not Self-Contained
  • FN-3 Mobile Food Service - Self-Contained
  • FN-3A Mobile Food Service - Self-Contained and Catering
  • FN-4 Tavern/Bar
  • FN-4A Tavern/Bar with Limited Food Service at the Bar
  • FN-4B Tavern/Bar with Food Service at the Bar
  • FN-5 Caterer
  • FN-7 Other Food Establishment

Food Markets

  • FM-1 Convenience Store
  • FM-2 Grocery Store
  • FM-3 Supermarket
  • FM-4 Food Bank
  • FM-5 Retail Bakery
  • FM-6 Retail Meat Market
  • FM-7 Retail Seafood Market
  • FM-8 Retail Mobile Vendor
  • FM-9 Warehouse

Food Processors

  • FP-1 Bakery
  • FP-2 Cured/Smoked/Acidified/ROP/Dehydrates
  • FP-3 Ice Manufacturer/Bottled Water
  • FP-4 Bottled Beverages
  • FP-5 Jam/Jelly/Syrup/Confectionary
  • FP-6 Other Food Processing
  • FP-7 Thermal Processor of Low-Acid Food
  • FP-8 MJ Shelf-Stable Concentrates (HACCP Plan)
  • FP-9 MJ Low Risk Processing
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