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Anchorage DEC Office Outage

Anchorage DEC offices are experiencing a phone and internet outage. Please call the mainline of the Juneau or Fairbanks office location for assistance. Report oil and hazmat spills in the Anchorage area during business hours or statewide after-hours: 907-891-0757. During business hours, spills in Northern or Southeast regions can still be reported to the respective local response team office.

PPR Newsfeed

Date Headline and Link
08/27/2019 Health & Safety Issues Following A Wildland Fire, information and contacts that property owners may find helpful in assessing their property following a wildfire
08/23/2019 The public review period is open until September 24, 2019 for the proposed revision of the Arctic and Western Alaska Area Contingency Plan
03/22/2019 DEC Press Release: DEC Notes Improvements In Spill Response Since EVOS
01/01/2019 Tier II reporting period started on January 1st
12/01/2018 Earthquake Recovery Information for Homeowners, a compilation of numerous resources and guidance to aid property owners as they recover from the earthquake's impacts
10/09/2018 Proposed changes to 18 AAC 75 dealing with application and contingency plan requirements for noncrude oil tank vessels and barges
10/01/2018 Selected sections of 18 AAC 75 amended to clarify oil spill prevention and contingency planning, and financial responsibility requirements
09/14/2018 Government contingency plans reformatted to be more consistent with the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (National Contingency Plan) framework
08/28/2018 Adoption of 18 AAC 78 underground storage tanks amendment
05/03/2018 Presentations available from the 2018 Alaska Oil Spill Technology Symposium
04/16/2018 New Oil Spill Response Exercise Guidance: A Manual for Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Exercises
02/26/2018 Alaska Oil Spill Technology Symposium, March 28-30 in Anchorage
02/23/2018 Notice of Proposed updates to DEC Regulations in order to Clarify Oil Spill Prevention and Contingency Planning and Financial Responsibility Requirements
12/18/2017 Free Webinar: 2017 Tier II Reporting (PDF 51K)
10/20/2017 Notice of Public Comment Period on Draft Dispersant Avoidance Area Annexes (Word 14K)
09/29/2017 State of Alaska to Conduct Removal of Hazardous Material from Former Fairbanks Junkyard
06/21/2017 Recent regulation update: Financial Responsibility Dollar Amounts
06/09/2017 Recent regulation update: Notice of Public Scoping for Possible Revisions to Plan Boundaries

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