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08/27/2019 Health & Safety Issues Following A Wildland Fire, information and contacts that property owners may find helpful in assessing their property following a wildfire
08/23/2019 The public review period is open until September 24, 2019 for the proposed revision of the Arctic and Western Alaska Area Contingency Plan
03/22/2019 DEC Press Release: DEC Notes Improvements In Spill Response Since EVOS
01/01/2019 Tier II reporting period started on January 1st
12/01/2018 Earthquake Recovery Information for Homeowners, a compilation of numerous resources and guidance to aid property owners as they recover from the earthquake's impacts
10/09/2018 Proposed changes to 18 AAC 75 dealing with application and contingency plan requirements for noncrude oil tank vessels and barges
10/01/2018 Selected sections of 18 AAC 75 amended to clarify oil spill prevention and contingency planning, and financial responsibility requirements
09/14/2018 Government contingency plans reformatted to be more consistent with the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (National Contingency Plan) framework
08/28/2018 Adoption of 18 AAC 78 underground storage tanks amendment
05/03/2018 Presentations available from the 2018 Alaska Oil Spill Technology Symposium
04/16/2018 New Oil Spill Response Exercise Guidance: A Manual for Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Exercises
02/26/2018 Alaska Oil Spill Technology Symposium, March 28-30 in Anchorage
02/23/2018 Notice of Proposed updates to DEC Regulations in order to Clarify Oil Spill Prevention and Contingency Planning and Financial Responsibility Requirements
12/18/2017 Free Webinar: 2017 Tier II Reporting (PDF 51K)
10/20/2017 Notice of Public Comment Period on Draft Dispersant Avoidance Area Annexes (Word 14K)
09/29/2017 State of Alaska to Conduct Removal of Hazardous Material from Former Fairbanks Junkyard
06/21/2017 Recent regulation update: Financial Responsibility Dollar Amounts
06/09/2017 Recent regulation update: Notice of Public Scoping for Possible Revisions to Plan Boundaries

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