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Arctic Enterprise, Ammonia Release

Akutan Harbor, on a mooring buoy. Akutan is located approximately 35 miles east of Unalaska.
The discharge was discovered by the vessel crew at 8:30 AM on July 28, 2004 . Trident Seafoods reported the discharge to ADEC at 12:50 PM on July 28, 2004.
Spill Id
Product/ Quantity
Anhydrous Ammonia, volume of the discharge is unknown at this time. Trident Seafoods reports that the Arctic Enterprise’s maximum capacity of ammonia on the vessel is about 10,000 pounds. The vessel crew estimates that the area which has been isolated because of the leak contained approximately 800 pounds of ammonia.
The cause of the discharge has been determined to be from a leak in the piping on the suction side of the low pressure receiver of the freezer system in the number 2 freezer hold.

ADEC Situation Reports

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