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F/V Yvonne Denise Grounding

Point Alava, approximately 20 miles SE of Ketchikan (Latitude N 55° 11.448’ Longitude W 131° 11.714’).
The vessel grounded at approximately noon on October 11, 2005. The potential spill was reported to ADEC by the United States Coast Guard on October 11, 2005 , at approximately 2:23 PM.
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1200 gallons of #2 diesel fuel, 100 gallons of engine lube oil, and 50 gallons of hydraulic oil at the time of the grounding. The contractor hired to lighter the fuel from the vessel estimates that all 1200 gallons of diesel fuel were lost early in the incident.
The vessel suffered an engine failure. High winds drove the disabled vessel onto the rocks where the vessel’s starboard fuel tank was split open. The port fuel tank fed into the starboard tank, allowing the entire fuel load to be discharged to the sea.

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