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T/V SeaBulk Pride Grounding

The tanker grounded approximately 200 yards north of the Nikiski Kenai Pipeline (KPL) dock.
The T/V Seabulk Pride went aground at 5:25 AM on February 2, 2006.
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Tesoro Alaska reported that approximately 75 gallons of petroleum product was spilled to water. An additional 125 gallons of product was spilled and contained on the vessel. The vessel was transferring both gasoline and Vacuum Tower Bottom Blend (VTBB) at the same time so the exact volume of each product has not been determined. The T/V Seabulk Pride is a 600 ft, double-hulled and double-bottomed oil tanker utilized by Tesoro Alaska Company to transport oil. At the time of the grounding, the tanker was carrying 3,987,942 gallons (94,951 barrels) of VTBB. VTBB is a residual oil product that is not processed at the Tesoro Refinery in Nikiski. VTBB has a thick consistency, similar to asphalt.
The tanker was moored at the KPL dock transferring cargo and was struck by an ice flow. The mooring lines parted causing the vessel to drift northward and go aground approximately 200 yards north of the KPL dock.

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Aerial views of T/V Seabulk Pride grounded in Cook Inlet off East Forelands - 2/2/2006

Aerial views of T/V Seabulk Pride taken during the 1530 overflight

Aerial views of T/V Seabulk Pride heading for Kachemak Bay - 2/3/2006

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