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F/V Lewis and Clark Sinking

The vessel sank at the Whittier Small Boat Harbor, approximately 25 yards from shore.
The sunken fishing vessel (F/V) Lewis and Clark was discovered on February 3, 2006 at 8:35 AM. The City of Whittier reported the spill to the National Response Center (NRC) on February 3, 2006 at 9:02 AM. NRC notified ADEC via fax at 9:10 AM.
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Residual oil on board (suspected hydraulic oil, wood oil, lube oil, and diesel). U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and ADEC representatives on site estimate that approximately 10 to 15 gallons of residual oil were released when the vessel sank. The City of Whittier reported that there was little or no fuel on board at the time of sinking. The vessel was abandoned by the owner. The City of Whittier has assumed responsibility for its removal. The F/V Lewis and Clark is a 65 foot, 45 gross ton, wooden vessel.
The vessel sank at the dock from leaks in wooden hull.

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February 4, 2006

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