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F/V Cape St Elias Sinking

The vessel was located approximately 500 yards north of Long Island in Sitka Sound at the time of the incident. Long Island is three and a half miles south of Sitka, Alaska.
The vessel was reported to be taking on water and was partially submerged at approximately 7:00 AM July 14, 2007. The state was notified of the sinking by the Alaska State Troopers at 8:23 AM.
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Product/ Quantity
The vessel, a 58 ft. seine vessel, was reported to have 4000 gallons of diesel fuel on board at the time of the incident. The amount of the discharge was initially estimated to be 10 gallons. This figure was later revised to a total of 50 gallons of mixed diesel, hydraulic and engine lubricating oils.
The vessel took on water for unknown reasons and began sinking.

ADEC Situation Reports

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