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Kuparuk 3H Pad Crude Oil Spill

Kuparuk River Field, 18- inch flow line between 3H and 3A Pads. Latitude: N 70° 24’ 29.9” Longitude: W 149° 55’41.52”.
ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc. (CPAI) discovered the spill at 10:55 AM on April 8, 2010 and reported the spill to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission at 4:05 PM. ADEC was notified via the Alaska State Troopers at 7:20 PM.
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Product/ Quantity
CPAI reported that one gallon of crude oil was released from the 18- inch three-phase flow line.
CPAI reported that external corrosion created a small hole in the flow line. The three-phase production line had a small leak at the weld pack, which was caused by external corrosion under insulation. Due to wet or corroded locations in the pipeline corridor that includes 3H, the corridor was targeted for significant corrosion under insulation refurbishment work. This work was scheduled to be completed by end of April 2010 using a temporary ice road to facilitate the work. According to CPAI, the scheduled inspections were not over due. The leak location had originally been targeted for refurbishment in 1997; however, it appears that the incorrect location was stripped at that time.

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