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Big State Logistics Tanker MP 177 Parks

Near milepost 177 of the Parks Highway at 63º 02.952 N - 149º 33.906 W
3:32 p.m. November 4, 2010
Spill Id
Product/ Quantity
Based on the remaining volumes removed from the tanker, ADEC estimates that 2,540 gallons of diesel, 10 gallons of motor oil and 20 gallons of antifreeze were spilled.
While hauling a 9,100gallon fuel tank and a 5,000gallon pup tank, a northbound semi-tractor trailer operated by Big State Logistics slid from the road and came to a stop on the downward slope of the shoulder of the road. During the accident, the tongue between the two trailers became detached and punctured the forward section of the pup tank. In addition, the passenger side saddle tank of the semi tractor was ruptured, resulting in a total release of approximately 2,540 gallons of diesel to the snow and soil. The 9,100-gallon fuel tank remained undamaged. Fuel from both sources was spilled on the shoulder resulting in pooling at the bottom of the slope.

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