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F/V Lone Star Sinking

Igushik River, Nushagak Bay, 30 river miles from Dillingham
6:55 a.m. June 30, 2013
Spill Id
Product/ Quantity
The Lone Star’s crew reported to the Coast Guard that the vessel was carrying 13,750 gallons of diesel fuel and 300 gallons of other petroleum products at the time of sinking. The amount and type of petroleum product spilled is unknown at this time. As of August 9, all fuel has been removed from the vessel.
The Lone Star’s crew reported to the Coast Guard that the anchor line struck the vessel’s transducer while they were anchoring the vessel, causing damage to the hull. The vessel began taking on water and capsized in 18 feet of water.

ADEC Situation Reports

Emergency Order from ADF&G

Effective immediately, the area within 6 statute miles of 58°43.82’N lat., 158°52.77’ W. long., is closed to all commercial fishing. Set gillnet fishing in the Igushik Section is also closed effective immediately.

Claims Information

The Meredith Management Group, representing the fishing tender Lone Star, has established a claims phone number. You can make a claim by calling the Meredith Management Group at 610-725-8286 and referencing the “Lone Star” Sinking.


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