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Hilcorp Trading Bay Slop Oil Release

Trading Bay Production Facility
10:35 a.m. December 15, 2020
Spill Id
Product/ Quantity
The type of product spilled was slop oil defined by Hilcorp as a mixture of 80% crude oil and 20% water. The amount released was 190 barrels (bbl) or 7,980 gallons (gal).
The cause of the spill is from a leak in an underground line in the slop oil processing system. During a transfer of slop oil from Tank 4 to the slop oil tank, TK-9500, the operator noticed the TK-9500 tank level was not increasing proportionately to the decrease in the Tank 4 level. After visual inspection, the operator observed oil under and around the edges of the secondary containment liner.

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