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Conformity 101 Training Available On-Line

FHWA presents an on-line short course "What is Conformity?". This course is intended for transportation and air quality practitioners who are new to transportation conformity, those looking for a refresher, or others who only need a brief overview of the rule. The session is approximately 27 minutes long. Handouts are available for download at the same site.

A variety of conformity guidance documents are available online, including:

State and Federal Regulations are listed below:

Glossary of Conformity Terms (PDF) from May 2006 training class.

If your project is located outside of a nonattainment area or maintenance area, the responsible project manager needs to assemble the information for the project detailed in the "Letter Confirming Project is Located Outside of a Nonattainment/Maintenance Area" (PDF) and submit it to the following email address: If you have questions, please email Adeyemi Alimi or phone: 907-269-6953.

  • In some cases, projects may be located in areas about to be designated 'nonattainment' and for that reason, information on the start date of the project will be needed.
  • In cases where the project is close to a nonattainment / maintenance boundary, additional information on the boundaries of the project will be needed.

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