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Welcome to Alaska’s Regional Haze Web page

What is Regional Haze?

Regional Haze Image

(Image credit: Denali NPP, ©Alaska Division of Tourism)

Haze is generated when sunlight interacts with small particles of pollution and some sunlight is absorbed or scattered. This causes views to be obscured, generating what is called ‘visibility impairment’ for visitors to National Parks and Wildlife Preserves. Some haze can be generated by natural sources, like wildfire smoke, pollen, or dust. Other haze is generated by human-built sources, like power plants or highways. The Regional Haze Program was created to protect and improve visibility at specified parks and wilderness areas within Alaska and the rest of the United States by limiting or controlling human-generated pollution which generates noticeable and measurable visibility impairment.

Alaska’s First Implementation Period: 2011-2017

Alaska’s Second Implementation Period: 2021-2028

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