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Generate a Plan

The information below (including resources on the right) provides a basic step-by-step process for how to generate an emergency plan for water utilities. This information is applicable to CWS subject to the state regulation 18 AAC 80.055 as well as NTNC and TNC systems who wish (but are not required) to generate an emergency plan.

Step 1: Identify Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Assessments help a PWS evaluate their susceptibility to potential threats and identify corrective actions that can reduce the impact of the threats.

Step 2: Make a Plan

Once you have identified vulnerabilities within/around your water system, develop a document that describes the actions a PWS would take in response to various major incidents that could impact the system’s ability to provide safe drinking water. Being prepared gives everyone the best possible chance of avoiding significant problems if an incident occurs.

Helpful Tools Templates

Step 3: Train on Your Plan

Think of your emergency plan as a “living” document that you can update periodically, if there are major changes to your PWS facility assets or personnel, staff roles and responsibilities, or any major changes in your internal or external contacts.

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