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EPA developed training materials along with video tutorials (see below) are provided to assist laboratories learning how to navigate the application. These training materials only highlight federally reported information. For a successful data submittal, refer to the DEC Lab Data Submission Guides for additional guidance on state reporting requirements.

Feel free to watch and/or review the CMDP Introduction material for an overview of the program. Please be aware some of the information presented in the introduction does not apply to laboratory personnel and instead it applies to the State.

Next, review the appropriate reporting methods section (i.e., web entry or Excel template) for guidance on how to upload data into CMDP.

Web Entry

Excel Template

After entering the appropriate sample information, submit uploaded data to the State. Refer to the EPA developed training material for a general overview of how to submit data through CMDP.

As with every program, additional features exist making it easier for laboratory personnel to find information and submit changes to the State. Review the materials below for supplemental information about CMDP.

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