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Seafood Processor and Ice Manufacturer Application

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Type of Permit:
DEC Issued AK Permit#:

Owner Information

Type of Owner:
Business Name:
Owner/Responsible Party:
Business Mailing Address:
Business Phone:
Business Fax:
Business Email:
Is the Business an Importer?

Facility Information

Facility Name:
Are You Leasing the Facility?
Facility Mailing Address:
Facility Physical Address:
Location Description:
Seasonal Phone number:
Radio/Cell Number:
Facility Fax:
Facility Email:
Facility Manager:
Quality Control Manager:

Product/Packaging Details

Fishery Resource Utilized:
Product Holding:
Packaging Material:

Distribution and Transportation

Show the percentage of products sold.

Percentage sold Retail:

% Retail

Percentage sold Wholesale:

% Wholesale

Retail (directly to consumer) + Wholesale (to distributor, grocery store, or secondary processor) = 100%

Percentage sold Intrastate:

% Within Alaska

Percentage sold Interstate + Export:

% Outside Alaska

Intrastate (within Alaska) + Interstate (out of Alaska, includes Export %) = 100%

Percentage sold Export only:

% Exported Outside US

Harvest Information

Harvest Months:

Harvest Areas:

Business Form A

Previous Owner Information

Previous Owner Business Name:
Previous Owner Vessel or Facility Name:
Previous Owner First/Last Name:

Business Information Supplemental (firms with more than one owner)

Parent Corporation:
Contact 1:

Affiliated Seafood Processing Firms

Firm 1:

Product Brand Names

Product 1:

Custom Processed Products

Product 1:
Is Product 1 labeled?

Upload Labeling Letter of Agreement:

Plan Review

Water Supply

Water Source:

Water Sampling

You are required to submit water samples before opening and every month while processing. What lab do you plan on using for water testing?

Include a map and photo showing location of water sampling. Note: the location should be after treated and processing water areas and preferably on the end of the water line.

Wastewater Disposal System

How will you dispose of your domestic wastewater?

Solid Waste Disposal

Describe how you will handle and dispose of your non-seafood garbage/refuse.

Where will solid waste be stored?

Do you have a designated area for cleaning garbage cans/floor mats?


How often is the dumpster or compacter used/picked up?

Seafood Waste Disposal

How will you dispose of your seafood waste?


Site Plan

Include a detailed drawing of the Facility identifying the following items:

  • Processing building
  • Storage buildings
  • Other onsite areas used to support processing, storage, or transportation of seafood products
  • Refuse storage site(s) (i.e. dumpsters)
  • Potable water supply (i.e. well)
  • Oil/fuel tank(s)
  • Delivery/loading access
  • Sewage disposal system (i.e. septic, marine SD)
  • Roads, streets, alleys, landmarks (include GPS coordinates)

Floor Plan

Include a detailed drawing of the Facility layout, including each room or area (and purpose):

  • Storage, processing, holding, cooling, and packaging
  • Insecticide, rodenticide, sanitizer, and other pesticide storage
  • Employee locker/dressing rooms or personal item storage
  • Laundry facilities and clean/dirty storage clothing and linens
  • Sleeping or living quarters
  • Each toilet room (clearly identify each toilet, handwash sink, self-closing doors)
  • Each lighting fixture, glass fixture, and skylight located in these areas: storage, processing, holding, cooling, and packaging
  • Each piece of fixed equipment
  • Mechanical ventilation (i.e. ducts)
  • Each air curtain, enclosed system, positive air flow system, double doors, etc. if used

Plumbing Schematic

Include a plumbing schematic showing the following.

  • Pipes and piping used to supply potable water and nonpotable water
  • Each handwash sink in or immediately adjacent to each processing area
  • Wastewater lines, connections (including overhead and backflow prevention)
  • Location of floor drains, floor sinks, and other fixtures in the processing area
  • Hot water generating equipment with capacity and recovery rate

Finish Schedule

Describe the surface finish of walls, floors, and ceilings in each of the following areas.





Do you have any fixed or stationary equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, smokers, retorts, machinery for heading, gutting, filleting, or vacuum packagers?

Fixed or stationary equipment

Submit a numbered list of each piece of fixed or stationary equipment that corresponds with the floor plan and manufacturer specification sheets.

Manufacturer specification sheets

Submit a scanned copy.

Packaging Material Storage

Describe how your packaging materials will be stored to protect them from birds and pests.

Ingredients, Additives, Preservatives and Allergens

Describe any additional items that go into and/or onto your product during processing, such as glazing agents, sulfites, herbs, and spices.

If using a product, submit a copy of the label showing the product ingredients (ex. Frodex).

Copy of label listing ingredients:





Pest Control such as insects, rodents, and birds

Describe how the Facility design helps to control pest activity. (i.e., Self-closing doors, #16 mesh screens, air curtains, covering over processing area on vessel.)

Food Service for Employees

Will you be providing food service for your employees?

Please email or call 1-877-233-3663 to see if permitting is required under 18 AAC 31, the Alaska Food Code.

Required Documentation

  • Review the following checklist to ensure you have enclosed all of the required documents for your operation.
  • For items with a letter in parenthesis (), be sure each figure includes all of the listed items for that letter (found in section A). Indicate “n/a” next to the listed item if your operation does not have the item.
  • Site Plan, Floor Plan, and Plumbing Schematic figures may be hand drawn.
  • Acceptable formats for documents and photos: PDF, Word, or .jpg. Sorry, we cannot accept .pages documents.

Note: We cannot start the plan review until all required documents are received and permit fees paid.

Required Items

List of all products
One printer’s proof or sample label for each product
Documentation of HACCP training
Product or process flow (description or map)
Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP)

Describe the sanitation procedures followed at the Facility. All SSOP’s must addresses the 8 key points of sanitation listed in 21 CFR 123.11 and include monitoring frequencies and corrective actions that are specific to each key point.

Hazard Analysis (HA)

Assess each processing step for process related hazards

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan (HACCP)

Assess each processing step for process related hazards

Required additional documents

Indicate if applicable:

Smoker Operations

Upload heat distribution study for smokers

Cooking Operations

Upload cook study

Ready-To-Eat Products

Product test results as per 18 AAC 34.125

Thermal Retort or Canning Operations

FDA forms 2541 and 2541(d)

Process authority letters or schedule for all retort or canning processes

Operations not on a Public or Municipal Water Source

Map and photo showing the location where water sampling for Coliforms will be performed (b)


I declare, under penalty of unsworn falsification, that this application (including any accompanying statements) has been examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief is true, correct, and complete. I agree to pay all fees before operating and understand no refund will be given on issued permits (per 18 AAC 34.900 (g)).

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