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Resources and Requirements

Commercial shellfish processing resources


DEC Harvester Education Program
Downloadable booklet to educate shellfish harvesters in Alaska.
DEC Dealer Education Program
Downloadable booklet covering all aspects of dealing shellfish in Alaska.
Online HACCP Training Course (Cornell)
Online HACCP training through Cornell University.
OSU HACCP Resources
Find Oregon State University HACCP training schedules and registration.
Seafood HACCP Trainers (AFDO)
Find HACCP training courses across the country.

Commercial Shellfish Resources

Title and Link to Page Description
Approved Source
Alaska Marine Biotoxin Monitoring and Contingency Plan for Bivalve Shellfish Other than Geoducks Alaska Marine Toxin Monitoring and Contingency Plan for Bivalve Shellfish Other than Geoducks
2019 Geoduck Clam Biotoxin Monitoring Plan Alaska’s plan to manage risks associated with biotoxins that may be present in Alaska’s waters at unacceptable levels
Commercial Shellfish Permits Food Safety and Sanitation Program - Shellfish Permit Guide
Commercial Shellfish Transportation Documentation Food Safety and Sanitation Program - Shellfish Shipping Guide
HACCP and SSOPs for Shellstock Shippers HACCP principles and SSOP points for shellstock shippers
Shellfish Aquaculture Shellfish aquaculture requirements for harvesters and dealers

Shellfish Processing Regulations

18 AAC 34 Seafood Processing and Inspection
Alaska’s current Seafood Processing and Inspection codes.
Code of Federal Regulations
Complete list of the Code of Federal Regulations
National Shellfish Sanitation Program Model Ordinance (NSSP MO)
The NSSP is a federal and state cooperative program recognized by the FDA and the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC) for the control of sanitary shellfish produced and sold for human consumption.

DEC Templates

All Shellfish Resources

Receiving Record
Track the products you have received, and help ensure that your product is safe, traceable, and meeting legal requirements.
Sanitation Report
Track daily sanitation conditions in your facility, to make sure your product meets sanitary requirements.
Shellstock Harvest/Transportation Cooling Log
Track shellfish temperatures during transportation, making sure your product is transported within safe and legal temperatures.
Temperature Record
Track temperatures of your product to make sure that it meets safety and legal requirements.

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