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Solid Waste Complaints

The Solid Waste Program does not regulate or respond to complaints about litter, trashy yards, or garbage that is illegally dumped unless:

  • There is so much trash that the area is essentially an unpermitted landfill; or
  • There is a real and significant threat to public health and/or the environment.

For all other situations, contact your local area government. Some are listed below.

Anchorage Solid Waste Services
The City of Anchorage has regulations prohibiting public nuisances such as dumping. Title 15 of the Anchorage Municipal Code prohibits disposal of garbage, overflowing dumpsters, and litter and trash on private and public property. Anchorage residents can report complaints to the Municipal Code Enforcement Hotline at 907-343-4141 or online at File A Code Complaint.
Fairbanks North Star Borough - Solid Waste Division
The Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) does not have regulations covering dumping on private property unless it covers more than 1,000 square feet. Dumping on private property is referred to the FNSB Code Enforcement Office at 907-459-1260. Trash complaints within the city limits should go to the City rather than the Borough. The City Public Works Department can be reached at 907-459-6770.
Juneau Public Works Department
The City and Borough of Juneau has some litter regulations covering dumping on private property. The complaint process is explain on their Community Development Compliance page.
Kenai Peninsula Borough - Solid Waste Department
The Kenai Peninsula Borough does not have regulations covering dumping on private property. Garbage disposal is free at the landfill and area transfer stations. The Kenai Borough's Solid Waste Department can be reached at 907-262-9667.
Kodiak Island Borough - Solid Waste Management
The Kodiak Island Borough's Code Enforcement Office investigates any report or observation of a violation that negatively impacts public health and safety. The Code Enforcement Officer can be reached at 907-486-9364.
MatSu Borough - Solid Waste Division
The Mat-Su Borough has regulations regarding trash and junk disposal. Title 8, Chapter 8.50 of the Mat-Su Borough Code of Ordinances prohibits improper disposal of garbage. Code Compliance can be reached at 907-861-7822.

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